At the age of twelve Robbie Anderson dreamt of being lead guitarist in a rock n' roll band, so he mapped out a plan to make his lofty aspirations a reality.  Mowing lawns in his hometown of Glasgow, KY he saved enough money to purchase his first guitar and with the help of his grandmother, he began taking lessons.  While his end goals might have changed a bit over the years, his love for writing and performing music have never waned.

Growing up in south central Kentucky, Robbie made the move to Nashville, TN in January of 2022.  Since that time his passions for songwriting and performing in front of live audiences have continued to grow.  “The beauty of “Music City” is that I am surrounded by other talented singer/songwriters who share the same love and passion for their craft.  Collaborating with the right people can be a beautiful thing.”  

When listening to Robbies’ raw, honest storytelling delivery of song, it’s easy to pick up on key musical influences such as Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall and his favorite - Jason Isbell.  Robbie’s rootsy style of fingerpicking and booming vocals bring a Taylor and Cash combination to mind, and his down-to-earth stage presence is akin to the “Man in Black” himself.

Robbie is currently performing in many listening rooms and local venues in Nashville as well as in his home state of Kentucky.  His debut EP, “Clean Slate,” released to streaming platforms in 2022 and was followed by his single, “Millie,” in 2023. He is looking forward to future studio projects in 2024.