1. Three Strikes
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I woke up still drunk on the side of the road
My eyes were blurry but I could see the smoke
I smelled like whiskey, had a pounding head
I saw a lady outside there and I knew she was dead
The sirens howled in the dead of the night
I oughta stay and let them read me my rights
But I'm ashamed to say I took off on a run
Things might be different, if this was just strike one

Six years ago I made the same mistake
My wife was waiting and I couldn't be late
I lit up a smoke to hide my scent
I had to cover the smell or she'd know where I'd been
Well I dropped the light, let slip of the wheel
And I slammed my truck in the side of a hill
I couldn't get out 'til the cops came by
But at least that night, nobody died

Two years later my divorce was through
I left a small town bar after a drink or two
You see the next night, my wife was to wed
a man far better than me, or so she said
Could've swore I was fine, until I got on the road
Then a dog jumped out and I lost control
I killed that dog, felt guilty as hell
But that was nothing compared to what my future held

Back to the night when I was on the run
Trying to wrap my head around just what I'd done
When the blue lights flashed and the cops arrived
I knew I couldn't escape, I just had to hide
I laid on my stomach in the taller grass
But that wasn't enough they found me fast
When they took me out they showed me just what I had did
My heart snapped in two, she was just a kid

Spent the next few months up behind some bars
And I can't deny that time was hard
But not as hard as her daddy stares
Whatever happened next man, I didn't really care
Well the jury met for just a second or two
And it was plain to me my days of freedom were through
The judge just stood up, he read the verdict aloud
He said that's it young man
Three strikes, you're out